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[ officially closed as of June 2023 ]

about the gom

- EDIT (June 2023) I have officially retired from hosting Group Orders after several years. All my spreadsheets and records will remain for public viewing. My masterlist, which records 88 formal group orders, can be found here. I will be focusing on my studies, PPC, and zine work going forward; you can learn more about me and the fandom activities I participate in here.

general information

- What is a Group Order (GO)?
A GO is a bulk order where a Group Order Manager (GOM) collects orders and payments for items and goods for buyers in a specific country or region. I am a GOM primarily for USA, and I manage GOs from non-USA sellers.
- Why join a GO?
The purpose of a Group Order is to save on shipping costs and fees. Oftentimes, shipping from overseas is expensive, or a flat rate, and ordering through a GO can bring the individual shipping fee down significantly. This is because the total shipping fee is divided between the number of joiners for each GO. The more people who join a GO, the less you will have to pay!
- How exactly do I join a GO?
To join a GO, all you have to do is fill out the corresponding form for the item(s) you want and send in the money via Paypal. I only accept payment via Friends and Family/Personal method. However, if you want the protection offered by Goods and Services, you will have to pay extra to compensate for the fee deduction. (Keep in mind that GOs can take a very long time to complete, and PayPal G&S protection only covers 180 days.)
- How does the payment process work?
For most of my Group Orders, there will be a total of three (3) payments.
1st Payment: the cost of the item(s) you are ordering - DUE BEFORE FORM SUBMISSION. Follow the form prompts for payment instructions!2nd Payment: the international shipping cost, along with any additional taxes or fees.
This cost is divided between the number of GO joiners, so the more people that join, the lower it will be for you individually! You can view some examples of what this payment was for previous GOs here.
Third Payment: the domestic shipping fee - the cost from me to you.
All USA packages are tracked and sent via USPS. The third payment cost includes the cost of the packing supplies I use. You can cross-check USPS rates here, and you can view the cost of my packing supplies here.
All payments must be made via PayPal F&F method.[ If you are a first time joiner, you may find it helpful to become familiar with my forms and the text. Feel free to scroll through my form template here. ]

All Group Order Managers have their own way and methods of doing things, so here is a breakdown of what my Group Orders are like. If you have participated in GOs before, but this is your first time joining one of mine, please DO NOT assume everything is the same!
For all "official" communication, I will send emails.
After you fill out a form, you will receive an automated response from Google Forms with your form details. 1st Payment is required BEFORE submitting the order form! Please keep this email; it will serve as your order confirmation. I will NOT send order confirmation or 1st Payment confirmation emails.
When 2nd & 3rd Payments are due, you will receive an email from me personally. All the payment details will be listed clearly; please read them and pay accordingly by the deadline stated.
At the end of a Group Order, you will receive an email with your tracking number included.
For each Group Order I host, there will be an accompanying spreadsheet. This spreadsheet is open for public viewing, and will include your initials, order details, payment costs, and payment status. When I receive your order and payments, I will mark the boxes accordingly. If payment is incorrect, I will highlight the box accordingly (red for missing payments, orange for incorrect payments). It is your job to check on the spreadsheet to make sure everything is correct.
TLDR: If you are curious about any aspect of your order, CHECK THE SPREADSHEET first before asking me questions.
My Payment Deadlines are almost always set to 1 week. If you need an extension, it is your responsibility to let me know BEFORE the written deadline. Keep in mind that extensions will not always be granted. Understand that I am very busy and do not always have the wherewithal to send payment reminders. If you miss a payment, your order will be cancelled without any prior refunds. As I have stated in my GO Rules, the responsibility of checking emails and responding appropriately is YOUR JOB, not mine.

frequently asked q's

  • Do you accept GO requests? -> I do not accept requests. I only open GOs for items I am personally interested and invested in.

  • Why don't you schedule your GO drops? -> I post whenever I feel like it because scheduling posts is rather stressful for me. If you do not want to miss my posts, I suggest turning on post notifications.

  • How long are your GOs open for? -> *Usually my GOs have a slot limit rather than a date of closing. This slot limit is usually around 30-40. *

  • When do I send in my 1st Payment? -> As stated multiple times, the 1st Payment is expected before form submission. There will be clear prompts and instructions in the order form for the payment.

  • What if I miss a payment deadline? -> Missed deadlines will result in cancelled orders WITHOUT REFUNDS.

  • Why is my order taking so long? -> There are many reasons as to why a GO might take a long time - production delays, COVID-19 restrictions, shipment limitations, seller health or personal reasons, etc. Please be patient when you join a GO and understand that some may take considerably longer than others.

  • How long will international shipping take from the seller to the GOM? -> Shipping rates are not consistent at all. Sometimes they may arrive within 2 weeks, and other times, 2 months.

  • How are 2nd Payments split? -> If the INTL shipping is a flat rate or the items are all the same, the 2nd Payment will be divided evenly among the number of joiners. Otherwise, the 2nd Payment will be divided according to the percentage of item cost. For example, if you order $20 worth of items, and the GO includes a total of $200 worth of items, you will be expected to pay 10% of the shipping fee. Understand that I cannot divide by weight because I do not know the exact weights of each item. (Taxes and fees are always divided evenly across the board.)

  • Can you give me an estimate for the 2nd payment? -> No, I cannot. I do not know the cost of INTL shipping until the order is closed and I communicate with the seller. Please do not ask for Second Payment estimates because the answer will always be "I do not know." If you are curious, feel free to look up the 2nd Payment fees for complete GOs here.

  • How much is domestic shipping? -> Domestic shipping is usually around $4-$8 and includes the shipping fee and cost of packing supplies. However, heavier packages and boxes can easily be around or even exceed $9-$20 USD.

  • If I'm in multiple GOs, can you combine domestic shipping? -> Yes, but please send me an email with your request! I do not combine orders automatically. However, please note that I will only combine orders for items that are all in-hand. During especially busy times, I may not allow combining on certain GOs at all.

  • My address has changed, what do I do? -> If you need to make an address change, please email me when I send out Final (3rd) Payment notices.

  • Why hasn't my package arrived? -> After I drop off your package, my job is done. Any further inquiries are to be taken up with USPS, as I do not have any sort of control over the postal service and speed (or lack thereof).

  • Can I join a GO even if I'm not from the USA? -> Usually, yes; anyone can join my Group Orders as long as they commit to paying the shipping and conversion fees. If a particular GO explicitly says "For USA addresses only," then non-USA people are not permitted to join.

  • I'm no longer interested in the items I joined your GO for, can I get a refund? -> You can do whatever you want, but I will NOT be giving refunds for drop-outs or cancellations. As I have emphasized, joining a Group Order means commitment. If you decide to quit mid-way through, that is entirely your responsibility, not mine.

  • What if the seller is a scammer? -> I will try to get our money back, but if this is not possible, then there is nothing more I can do about the situation.


- I am NOT RESPONSIBLE if you miss payment deadlines.
If you miss a payment deadline, your order will be rescinded and you will NOT receive any prior refunds. Repeatedly missed payments will result in being blacklisted from my Group Orders.
- I am NOT RESPONSIBLE for lost / unchecked emails.
It is your responsibility to check your inbox regularly! Although this is not required, following the shop/seller on social media can be helpful if you want to keep up with updates. I will also post relevant updates on my Twitter.
- I am NOT RESPONSIBLE for lost / damaged mail.
Sometimes mail can get lost or damaged in transit, especially internationally and during the holiday season (Nov - Jan). For my part, I always package everything with care and will not be held responsible for lost or damaged goods.
- I am NOT RESPONSIBLE for delays in transit.
Sometimes unexpected circumstances arise which may result in delays in transit. I do not control the postal service; please be understanding about transit delays. Once the goods arrive to me, I will do my best to have them packed and sent out in a timely manner.

first-time joiner?

If this is your first time joining a Group Order or your first time joining one of my Group Orders, hello and welcome! Here's a brief guide to help you understand the process :)⬩Read through General Info for an explanation of what GOs are and a bullet-point breakdown of my specific Group Order process.⬩Check out the Frequently Asked Questions for a list of answers to questions you may have!⬩My GO forms are quite lengthy and may be overwhelming for a first-timer. I do require each joiner to read each item thoroughly, so it may be helpful for you to become familiar with my forms before actually signing up for one. Feel free to scroll through my form template here.⬩ If you need to contact me, click on the small grey icons below for my Twitter and email!


If you have joined my GO(s) before and would like to leave some feedback for me, the form is linked below. The questions are all optional, and answers are shared publicly but your identity will remain fully anonymous. Thank you in advance for taking the time to help me learn how to improve my Group Orders!

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